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January 11, 2019

These are just a few of the amazing quilts donated to us by the Wayne Co. Quilt Guild. These are given to foster children the first time CASA meets with them, so that they have something of their very own.

Child Advocacy CASA Lovely Quilts for kids


Nov. 13, 2018


Why Should I volunteer and help a child?


The law of sowing and reaping is true in so many ways. Whenever you accomplish a good deed, a positive result will follow. Choosing to help anyone in need creates a ripple effect. Eventually, our positive actions will return to us in some form or manner. This also holds true for helping kids who have been the victims of abuse. Children are sacred. They are the adult society of tomorrow’s world.


So, is volunteering to be an advocate for CASA right for you? Do you care about the welfare of kids who have suffered? Do you have the gift of compassion? Is mentoring a value that you cherish? Do you have a desire to contribute to your fellow members of this community? If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, then yes, you are the perfect candidate for this task. Your concern for the well being of young people can be used for something very meaningful.


There are many ways you will benefit from becoming an advocate for a child in need. Studies have demonstrated that volunteers can live longer, healthier lives because of their altruistic work. Volunteers for CASA and other child supporting organizations experience more fruitful lives as well as improved mental and physical health. Several independent scientific studies have been conducted by Universities such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Duke. They have discovered that there is a correlation between volunteer work and longevity, lower rates of depression, lower risk of heart disease, and the release of chemicals that make people happy. Volunteer work provides a deep and significant purpose for volunteers. This sort of charity work has a similar effect on our body as physical exercise does.


Doing this sort of work requires a few things, however. It takes patience, dedication, and a commitment to work for several hours each week. Does the notion of leading a more purposeful, happier, healthier life appeal to you? Volunteer for CASA today. A child is waiting for you to help them find a safe, comfortable, stable home to live in. Be a hero for a young person today!


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