Responsibilities of all volunteers

What are the responsibilities of CASA volunteers?

  1. The volunteer will visit the child in need of help. He or she will explain to the child the role that the volunteer plays in the child’s life.

  2. The volunteer will keep the child informed at all times of what is occurring in the court proceedings.

  3. Independent information will be gathered about the child, and this information will later be used to make recommendations to the judge overseeing the case.

  4. The volunteer will seek cooperative solutions with other important figures who are pertinent to the case, such as parents, guardians, caretakers, social workers, and others.

  5. Records related to the family will be reviewed extensively.

  6. The volunteer must prepare written reports for court hearings.

  7. Attend court hearings and other meetings related to the case. One must identify potential resources within the child’s family and community to meet the child’s needs. One must keep all records and information confidential.

  8. Monitor provisions of service plans and court orders.

  9. The advocate will relay the child’s wishes to the judge.

  10. Act as a supporter of the child in their own community.

  11. Consult with local CASA staff members for support and guidance.

  12. The CASA volunteer will maintain focus on the child and work with them until a permanent solution is achieved.


As a CASA volunteer, you will ultimately help to change a child’s life for the better. The child will have a brighter future as a result of your good deeds. You can help to end the cycle of abuse and neglect. Don’t wait any longer to volunteer. You are important, and a child needs your help. Be a hero for a young child. Help them find a sanctuary where they are safe and loved. Among many other benefits, you will have an opportunity to learn about the juvenile court system and become actively involved in your community.