Children are innocent. Tri-County CASA furnishes children in need with assistance, safety, and compassion. Do you have a gift for helping others? Volunteer to help these abused and neglected children. Imagine being in their shoes. The world has treated them unfairly. They just want to feel secure and have peace. Children in foster care have urgent, pressing needs. They need your help. If you are chosen to be an advocate for these young people, you will have the power and influence to make their dreams become reality. Become a mentor. The impact that you will have will extend beyond the children you help. You will be a pillar and a scaffold for your community and the future. Your life will be enriched and enhanced through this experience.

What do volunteers do for Tri-County CASA? Your primary duty will be to listen. Afterward, you will act. Our volunteers become familiar with the child by speaking to everyone involved in his or her life. This may be parents and relatives, teachers, doctors, attorneys, social workers, and so on. The volunteer gathers information to provide to judges and others to express the specific needs of the child. Later, based on this information, a decision will be made for placement into a good permanent home.

Who are fitting candidates for volunteering? You must be 21 yrs old or older. You needn’t be an attorney or a social worker to be a volunteer. We just need people who care about kids and want what is best for them. If you become a volunteer, you will be very well trained and supported by our professional staff along the way. You will need to pass a background check, participate in a 40-hour pre-service training course, and agree to stay with a case until its conclusion (it usually takes about 18 months for a case to be completed). Don’t put this off any longer. Join us and help get these little ones into safer, happier lives today!Tri-County CASA Volunteers sign